Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Fashion Week!!!!!

Keeping it simple.  Today is sunny, slightly warm and beautiful here in OKC!

I wasn't planning on participating AT ALL, but I ended up not wearing the (unfortunate but perfectly practical) mommy uniform all day.  hehe.  It is so much fun getting inspiration and seeing all the cute outfits!  I just had to!  I don't really want to admit how long this is taking me, I'm not sure 2+ hours is worth it!!!!!!  I'm new to this whole blog thing.  This is what I should be doing:

Today has been a very casual day (as usual) we were just cleaning house, doing laundry and happen to run a couple of errands with the hubbs before he went to work.  We went to Target and Lowe' now I can make these amazing cookies! 

On Jubilee:
White Top: Park Bench Kids (gift)
Pants: Levi's (consignment)
Pink & Brown Shoes: Absorba (TJ MAXX)
Flower Headband: Handmade gift

On me:
Purple v-neck: RVCA (clearance rack at Shoe Gypsy last weekend)
Denim: DKNY (TJ MAXX a few years ago)
Shoes: Royal Elastics (Ross, probably clearance)
Necklace: From this little lady




  1. I love that purple and the necklace and the shoes. Okay, I like the whole outfit!

  2. You look so pretty in purple!
    Also, your daughter's shoes totally rock :]

  3. Jubilee is such a beautiful name! Her shoes are so cute... I am on the hunt for some new shoes for my little girl!

  4. Nice! Your shoes look so comfy :)
    Love that necklace too.

  5. yay! im so glad you joined in anna! you and jubilee look beautiful- i love that color on you!

  6. You look adorable! I love that your daughter's flower matches your shirt. Pretty, pretties!

  7. Nothing wrong with keeping it simple! Especially when it's so classic.

  8. Beautiful necklace! Oh. And Daughter ;)

  9. I love your flats!

    Love, Bevin @ All is Bright