Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Fashion Frenzy!!! Work-at-home Wednesday

Emery Jo's Fall Fashion Week is going strong!  Today was a spend time with Jesus then....clean under the oven, behind the washer, and the messy coffee cabinet.  Sweep the back porch, iron the laundry, and vacuum the baby's room kind of day.  So, I didn't shower, fix my hair, or apply any make-up.  I did get dressed and wore this all day.  I was proud of myself for that.  I seem to work a little better when I have shoes on.  Here are some silly pics :)

Cardigan: Nick & Mo (Shoe Gypsy)
White tee: Garage Sale
Jeans: BDG (Urban Outfitters)
Boots: Mister Shoes (thrifted)
Scarf: A shop in San Diego

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DAY TWO: Plaid Dress

I am determined to post each day!  It is about 10:30pm, I am tired, just barely got these shots tonight (forgive the poor quality), Jubilee is now sleeping soundly and I am about to get into some comfy clothes! :)

Dress: Sam & Max (thrifted)
Fishnet tights: Target
Boots: Boden (garage sale $5)
Gold bolo tie: gift from mom

Sleepy baby is wearing owl jammies from Old Navy.  Goodnight!!!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Fashion Week!!!!!

Keeping it simple.  Today is sunny, slightly warm and beautiful here in OKC!

I wasn't planning on participating AT ALL, but I ended up not wearing the (unfortunate but perfectly practical) mommy uniform all day.  hehe.  It is so much fun getting inspiration and seeing all the cute outfits!  I just had to!  I don't really want to admit how long this is taking me, I'm not sure 2+ hours is worth it!!!!!!  I'm new to this whole blog thing.  This is what I should be doing:

Today has been a very casual day (as usual) we were just cleaning house, doing laundry and happen to run a couple of errands with the hubbs before he went to work.  We went to Target and Lowe' now I can make these amazing cookies! 

On Jubilee:
White Top: Park Bench Kids (gift)
Pants: Levi's (consignment)
Pink & Brown Shoes: Absorba (TJ MAXX)
Flower Headband: Handmade gift

On me:
Purple v-neck: RVCA (clearance rack at Shoe Gypsy last weekend)
Denim: DKNY (TJ MAXX a few years ago)
Shoes: Royal Elastics (Ross, probably clearance)
Necklace: From this little lady